Kamis, 20 April 2017

Simple Plan - Get Your Heart On! (2011)


1."You Suck at Love" (co-written by Matt Squire)3:11
2."Can't Keep My Hands off You" (featuring and co-written by Rivers Cuomo)3:21
3."Jet Lag" (feat. Natasha Bedingfield, co-written by Nolan Sipe and Ryan Petersen)3:24
4."Astronaut" (co-written by Jim Irvin & Julian Emery)3:41
5."Loser of the Year" (co-written by Claude Kelly)3:26
6."Anywhere Else But Here" (co-written by Michael Anthony Warren)3:44
7."Freaking Me Out" (feat. Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low, co-written by Jim Irvin & Julian Emery)3:07
8."Summer Paradise" (featuring K'naan, co-written by K'naan & Emanuel Kiriakou)3:56
9."Gone Too Soon" (co-written by Emanuel Kiriakou)3:16
10."Last One Standing"3:27
11."This Song Saved My Life" (co-written by Toby Gad)3:12

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